Strengthening anti-hair loss spray


For women and men with weakened hair and hair loss tendency.

The highly concentrated spray contains innovative 3% Baicapil™ complex obtained as a result of combination of three active plant-based ingredients (baicalin, soya and wheat sprouts), Keracyn™ complex, caffeine, extracts of fenugreek, ginseng, buckthorn and horsetail. It activates and improves activity of hair follicles, visibly preventing hair loss through *: stimulation of hair growth, increase of hair thickness, increasing the anagen phase of hair growth cycle, reduction of hair loss, restoration of young and healthy appearance. The spray protects your hair against solar radiation, improves it condition visibly, decreasing its brittleness. It leaves your hair regenerated, strong and shiny.

* Effective regeneration and prevention of hair loss with the use of Baicapil™ complex has been confirmed in in vivo tests.

Active ingredients


150 ml
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