Soothing damascus rose hydrolate


For skin with rosacea, irritated, sensitive, prone to telangiectasia and redness.

Thanks to the presence of rose petals essential oils, damascus rose hydrolate stimulates microcirculation, strengthens and seals blood vessels, tones and balances pH level of the skin. The product leaves a beautiful, 100% natural rose fragrance on the skin.
The hydrolate contains Agascalm™, Chaga mushroom adaptogen, red algae extract with natural calcium content and panthenol. It soothes the delicate and overly reactive skin by reducing inflammation and irritation. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, it strengthens the natural protective system of the skin and the microvascular network. The product brings relief to sensitive skin.
NEUTRAL pH for the skin

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

300 ml
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