Rose Madame Cleansing scrub for body, hands and feet NEW


For all skin types

Take care of cleansing of your body in a sensual way.
Cosmetic product that will delight you with its effectiveness and a stimulating and sensual fragrance.
Rose Madame scrub is an ideal composition of grape and hemp oils - enriched with sugar crystals as well as mango and date extracts. Such a perfectly balanced composition is responsible for everything that is valuable for your skin:
• Exfoliates dead epidermal cells - revitalizes and smoothes.
• Responsible for intense and much needed hydration and nourishment.
• Makes your skin visibly refreshed, velvety soft and extremely smooth to touch.
The scrub prepares the skin for the application of other products, making it the perfect basis for home treatments.
In order to get the better effects, use other Rose Madame products with a common fragrance.

Active ingredients


700 g
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