Rejuvenating elixir with platinum and copper tripeptide


Intensive anti-aging elixir that stimulates skin cells to complete regeneration and reconstruction. The synergistic activity of platinum with the copper tripeptide effectively reduces the tendency to mimic wrinkles and pigmentation spots. The product increases elasticity and improves skin tension. Concentrate prevents skin damage caused by external factors, especially UV radiation. Thanks to the use of niacinamide and squalene it vitalizes the skin, deeply moisturizes and restores its healthy condition. Smooth and nourished skin gains a natural illumination effect - "Platin glow".

Indications: for mature skin, requiring brightening, regeneration and smoothing.
Contraindications: allergy to any of the product ingredients.
How to use: use at the end of the treatment and spread the elixir evenly on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Leave until absorbed.

Active ingredients


  • colloidal platinum - has a cleansing, soothing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect, reduces skin discoloration, reconstructs skin tissues, strengthens the effect of antioxidants, supports hydration, smoothes and brightens the skin


  • copper tripeptide - supports the production of collagen and elastin, which translates into the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, acts as an antioxidant, minimizes the effects of skin aging, regenerates the dermis


  • hemp hydrolate - helps to maintain the proper protective barrier of the skin, while strengthening its resistance, smoothes, gives a feeling of softness and elasticity, soothes and tones


  • hyaluronic acid - moisturizes for a long time, smoothes wrinkles, firms and improves elasticity


  • niacinamide - reduces pores while building the lipid barrier of your epidermis


  • vitamin B3 - reduces the visibility of dilated sebaceous glands, also improves skin hydration and prevents discoloration


  • squalane - strengthens the hydrolipid layer of the skin and protects it from excessive water loss, thanks to which visibly moisturizes the skin, supports the process of penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Squalane is a natural antioxidant, protects against free radicals


  • bio-propanediol - has a moisturizing effect, supports the penetration of active ingredients into the skin


30 ml
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