Oriental smoothing oil for massage of the face


For the mature skin.

The oil contains the composition of three precious oils: macadamia, argan and sesame seed with the Orient note. It has strong regenerative effect, influencing the relevant skin hydration, elasticity, nourishment and cellular renewal. It has also strong firming properties and smoothing properties.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

Shea butter - has exceptional nutritional and regenerative properties and protects against UV radiation.

Argan oil - youth elixir with powerful regenerative effects, helps to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, alleviates symptoms of acne, allergies and psoriasis.

Puntry extract - it has a strong moisturizing and refreshing effect on both the epidermis and the deeper layers of the skin, prevents transepidermal water loss from the epidermis. Supports the nourishment and regeneration of dry skin.

30 ml
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