Nourishing body and hand balm


Mystical delicacy with a veil of myrrh and frankincense smoke.
Treat yourself to a bit of mystical luxury! Body and hand balm from the Mystic Oud line is a cosmetic ideal for women and men. Created from the most valuable ingredients, it optimally enhances the fragrance experience and creates a protective film on the skin.
• Thanks to the use of argan oil, your skin will gain creamy softness with an amber veil.
• Hyaluronic acid will ensure long-lasting hydration of the skin.
• Golden algae extract guarantees help in rebuilding the epidermis.
• Lotus extract causes lasting and multi-level skin nourishment with daily use of the lotion.
• The pulsating and hot heart of the whole composition is fueled by cardamom extract.

Indications: for all body and hand skin types.

Contraindications: allergic to any of the product’s ingredient.

You can use it in 3 simple steps:
1. Apply the suitable amount of balm to the skin of your hands and body.
2. Spread evenly.
3. Wait until completely absorbed.
For comprehensive care, combine with Mystic Oud gel and mist, which will leave your skin captivatingly fragrant for many hours.

Active ingredients
  • argan oil - regenerates, moisturizes
  • hyaluronic acid - intensively moisturizes
  • golden algae extract - rebuilds the epidermis
  • lotus extract - causes permanent and multi-level skin nourishment
  • cardamom extract - has a warming effect
300 ml
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