Mud hair mask with Dead Sea minerals


For dry, brittle and damaged hair.

A unique hair mask, based on natural Dead Sea Mud that intensively regenerates hair by improving the hair structure from the inside out. Extracts from sea algae, avocado, aloe, ginseng, amino acids and silk proteins strongly moisturises, nourishes, softens and prevents hair splitting. The mask provides the hair with a sheer layer for healthy silky look.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

The black Dead Sea mud - through its deep penetration into the skin pores, cleanses it thoroughly of the toxins, dead skin cells and other impurities. It also increases under the skin circulation processes, acting by stimulation of natural skin function and its recovery process.

Minerals from the Dead Sea - are characterized by an ability to penetrate deeply into pores of the skin and their cleansing, they stimulate cell metabolism, activate natural functions of the skin and boost its ability to remove toxic substances. They have soothing effect, strengthen the skin, revitalize, improve the functioning of under the skin circulation processes, so the skin is better oxygenated and revitalised.

Collagen - is responsible for nutrition of the hair follicles, stimulates growth and is needed for healthy looking hair. Collagen is also a factor slowing down the process of hair loss. It stimulates the hair follicles, improving their structure, provides a protective barrier around the inner structure of the hair and strengthens follicles.

Elastin - biologically active substance used in cosmetics to care for both the skin and hair. Easily penetrates into the skin, affects its elasticity. Smoothers the wrinkles, regenerates and improves the vitality of the skin. Elastin also has positive influence on hair. Supports normal hair growth, restores strength and vitality and makes it easier to comb.

Silk proteins - actively moisture your hair and scalp. Intensively regenerate, restore your hair softness, elasticity and shine. Visibly condition and reinforce the skin. Reduces the adverse impact of external factors.

Algae extract - is a rich source of microelements mainly iodine and amino acids, proteins, vitamins of group B and vitamins C and E. It improves blood circulation, soothes irritations and strengthens the skin's protective barrier. Intensely moisturises the skin and restores its elasticity.

Aloe extract - contains amino acids, enzymes, vitamins of B group, vitamins C, A, choline, folic acid, minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, iron, manganese, chromium, copper), non-saturated fatty acids ( linoleic, linolenic), saponins, sugars, biostimulators. It nourishes and regenerates the skin by encouraging the natural process of epidermis renewal, moisturises and soothes irritations.

Extract from the root of burdock - additionally nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, renews the weak and damaged structure of hair, has a beneficial effect on the scalp.

Extract from ginseng - has firming effect, strengthens the structure of the skin, stimulates the renewal of the epidermis.

200 ml
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