Leave-in beard conditioner


Take your beard care to the next level.
The softening conditioner is an easy-to-use product that will tame even the most stubborn stubble. The unique combination of natural oils and the most valuable extracts will nourish and moisturize each hair to the maximum, restoring the beard's softness, definition and attractive appearance. This simple beauty treatment makes every beard looking fleshy and shiny.
• The presence of almond oil nourishes and softens the hair, making it easy to style.
• Aloe vera juice moisturizes the facial hair and skin, preventing dry and brittle hair.
• The health-promoting power of fir and yerba mate stimulates their growth for a truly thick and well-groomed beard. 
Indications: for owners of stubble, mustache and beard.
Contraindications: allergy to any of the product ingredients. 
Apply it in 3 steps: 
1. Wash your beard with shampoo from the same line and dry your beard with a towel.
2. Apply a small amount of the conditioner on your hand and gently rub it into the facial hair and skin. For an extremely stubborn beard apply #a mixture of conditioner and a few drops of beard oil from the same line.
3. Thoroughly spread the preparation over the hair with a brush or comb and let it dry. Do not rinse! 

Active ingredients

• fir extract - has a toning effect, giving a feeling of comfort to the skin and hair, has anti-inflammatory effect
• Yerba Mate extract - has antioxidant properties, supports the resistance of DNA, proteins and lipids to damage caused by free radicals
• sweet almond oil - moisturizes, softens and smoothes hair
• linen extract - soothes, calms and moisturizes
• sunflower oil - has anti-aging and regenerating properties
• aloe juice - moisturizes facial hair and skin, prevents dryness and brittleness of hair
d-panthenol - soothes irritations and reddened skin

1000 ml
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