Intensive smoothing cream for dry feet


Intensively regenerating cream for the care of very dry and rough skin of the feet. The presence of kokum butter, inulin and almond oil restores softness to the feet, nourishes them for a long time and prevents excessive keratosis. The preparation contains a high concentration of 30% urea, hyaluronic acid, fir extract, vitamin E and soothing d-panthenol. The product accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, it immediately increases the skin's moisture level, making it elastic and visibly smoothed. The addition of natural eucalyptus and lavender essential oils has an antiseptic effect, leaving a feeling of pleasant relief.

Indications: for very dry, rough skin of the feet.

Contraindications: allergy to any of the product ingredients.

How to use: apply an even layer of the preparation to the cleansed and dried skin of the feet. Gently massage and leave until completely absorbed.

Active ingredients
  • almond oil - regenerates the lipid barrier of the skin, perfectly moisturizes and softens the epidermis
  • kokum butter - instantly softens the epidermis and additionally leaves the skin more elastic and firm, prevents skin from drying out and water loss from the epidermis, contains a whole range of antioxidants that delay the aging process of the skin
  • inulin - has a moisturizing effect and prevents transepidermal water loss, thanks to which it provides the skin with an appropriate level of hydration
  • urea - deeply moisturizes and prevents excessive loss of moisture, perfectly softens calloused epidermis
  • fir extract - has a toning effect, giving a feeling of comfort to the skin and hair, has anti-inflammatory properties 
500 ml
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