Intensely soothing gel after skin irritating aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments


Dor sensitive skin irritated after aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments such as microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, electrocoagulation and radio waves.

This natural soothing gel contains an innovative Dermasooth™ complex including holy basil, thistle and active fraction of Enteromorpha compressa alga intended to soothe skin irritating processes. It decreases pro-inflammatory influence on blood vessels, reducing skin reddening and, depending on duration of application, accelerating regeneration of damaged areas. The gel is enriched with antibacterial and aseptic ionized silver and an extract of arnica, d-panthenol, water lily, hyaluronic acid and Hydromanil™ complex. It soothes irritations and cools gently, providing instant relief and helping to maintain optimum skin moisture.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

200 ml
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