For all skin types, especially for dry and dehydrated skin with a tendency to mimic wrinkles.

The odorless hyaluronic acid 4D produced according to an unique recipe. The product is a combination of four types of hyaluronan molecules of different sizes with different properties and creates a long-lasting hydration effect on different skin layers. The hyaluronic acid 4D contains biomimetic peptides composed of six ARGIRELINE™ peptide amino acids, that is a “pseudo botulinum toxin” - an alternative for botulinum toxin. The synergistic effect of the ingredients gives the feeling of surface muscle relaxation with an optimal degree of hydration. The product makes the skin elastic, smooth and firm. Recommended for active anti-aging treatments.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

HYALURON 4D - different sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules - they create a multidimensional net in the space of the skin. It works on various levels, thanks to which it has a strong moisturizing effect, collecting water from the outside, while keeping water deep inside the skin.

Argireline peptide - responsible for filling mimic wrinkles.

30 ml
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