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For skin with rosacea, irritated, sensitive, prone to telangiectasia and redness.

It is an intensive cream designed to soothe delicate and overly reactive skin to make it smooth and radiant every morning. The product contains azelaic acid and the anti-inflammatory ingredient Agascalm™, which reduces skin temperature by about 0.4 degrees *. The cream calms redness and restores an even tone of the skin. It reduces the pro-inflammatory skin reaction and irritation. The unique Chaga mushroom adaptogen and red coral algae extract with natural calcium content strengthen the barrier function of the skin and the microvascular network. Additionally, enriched with passion fruit oil, hyaluronic acid, arnica extract, it instantly moisturizes, accelerates regeneration and calms.
*In vitro and in vivo studies of the active ingredient.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

50 ml
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