Foot softening spray with lactic acid 10% and urea 30%


Spray for local softening of calluses on the feet. The preparation shortens the time of podiatry procedures with stubborn defects. It contains 30% urea, which facilitates the gradual removal of dead skin cells and deep calluses. The addition of lactic acid 10% accelerates the process of exfoliation and epidermal renewal. Intensively smoothes and prevents excessive keratinization. Enriched with fir extract, it has antiseptic effects. Mint aroma leaves a feeling of pleasant refreshment and relief.

Indications: for skin of the feet prone to excessive keratosis and calluses. Recommended for diabetics.

Contraindications: abrasions, unhealed wounds, allergic to any of the product ingredients.


How to use: clean and dry selected area. Spray from a distance of approx. 5-10 cm. Leave for 3-5 minutes, then start removing calluses. The spray can be applied multiple times during the procedure. The preparation does not require rinsing and prior soaking of the feet.

Active ingredients
  • urea - deeply moisturizes and prevents excessive loss of moisture, perfectly softens calloused epidermis
  • lactic acid - affects the hydration of the skin, maintaining the proper level of moisture in the epidermis, thanks to this action the skin is soft and smooth
  • fir extract - has a toning effect, giving a feeling of comfort to the skin and hair, has anti-inflammatory properties
300 ml
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