Detoxifying gel mask with carbon bamboo and ionized silver


For oily and mixed skin with dilated pores and other imperfections.

The black gel mask combines selected effective detoxifying ingredients. Active bamboo carbon absorbs toxins and contamination and tightens pores. Ionized silver has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects and an extract of bamboo, rockrose, iris, green tea and Hydromanil™ complex makes your skin regain its balance, providing deep matting effects and regulating sebum production. It eliminates any imperfections effectively, making your skin regain beautiful appearance instantly. The mask ensures long-lasting effects of clear and matt skin.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

Active bamboo charcoal - absorbs toxins, excess sebum and all impurities and narrows the pores of the skin.

Ionized skin - has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effects.

Hydromanil complex – an extract of Peruvian Tara plant with instantly moisturizing and long-term moisturizing properties.

An extract of kiwi - a rich source of C vitamin acting against free radicals, firming, regenerating and smoothing your skin. It stimulates generation of collagen fibres.

200 ml
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