Concentrate for acne skin


For combination, fatty and acne skin.

This concentrate contains synergistic combination of bacteriostatic active components: green tea extract, bamboo, thyme and lactic acid. It balances production of sebum, leaving the skin ideally purified and smooth.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

Green tea extract - provides bacteriostatic, cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Sea algae extract - improves blood circulation, soothes irritations and strengthens tha skin’s protective barrier. Hydrates intensively, restores skin’s flexibility.

Kiwi extract - a rich source of vitamin C with strong antiradical, firming and smoothing effects. Stymulates gereneration of collagen fibers.

Aloe extract - provides optimum hydration and skin firming, improves blood circulation, stymulates cellular activity and has antibacterial effects. Rich in vitamins A, B, C and E as well as minerals.

Lactic acid - stimulates the production of ceramides thanks to that the skin is hydrated and better protected against premature ageing. Lactic acid removes callous layer of the skin and dried epidermis. It also helps to regain a healthy firmness because the acid stimulates the productions of collagen.

30 ml
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