Beard oil


After this oil, your beard will be extremely soft! Always.

Do you want aesthethic and stylish look of your stubble even when the circumstances are not favorable? Meet the oil with an oriental woody-musky scent, created for truly bearded men, which will help you to grow thick stubble and make it easier to style. The exceptionally light texture of the oil will soften and reduce hair breakage. In addition it will also nourish the skin of your face. The luxurious combination of macadamia and almond oils with yerba mate and fir extracts makes every beard soft, well-groomed and shiny.

Indications: for owners of stubble, mustache and beard.

Contraindications: allergy to any of the product ingredients.

Apply it in 2 steps:

1. Spread a few drops of oil in your hand and gently massage it into the stubble.

2. Style your beard by combing it with a brush or comb.

Active ingredients

• fir extract - has a toning effect, giving a feeling of comfort to the skin and hair, has anti-inflammatory effect

• Yerba Mate extract - has antioxidant properties, supports the resistance of DNA, proteins and lipids to damage caused by free radicals

• sweet almond oil - moisturizes, softens and smoothes hair

• macadamia oil - inhibits the aging process of the skin, protects against the influence of free radicals, softens and smoothes

• sunflower oil - has anti-aging and regenerating properties

30 ml
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