Anti-cellulite orange body serum


For the skin with cellulite.

Light serum with fresh fragrance of oranges rich in extracts from: orange, pomegranate, ginger and caffeine which improves microcirculation, smoothers and prevents the recurrence of "orange peel".

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

Orange extract - is rich in vitamins A, C, P. It helps to exfoliate dead surface cells, refreshes and protects against ageing.

Pomegranate extract - activates the skin cell regeneration process, stimulates fibroblasts to the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as a result it smoothers wrinkles, increases the dermis density and elasticity of the skin. It nourishes and revitalises the tired and prematurely ageing skin.

Guarana extract - improves burning of fat tissue, firms and smoothers and regenerates the skin.

Extract from ginger - stimulates microcirculation, gently heats up, prevents the ageing of the skin.

Caffeine - speeds up the process of lipolysis - the breakdown of fats (triglycerides) into free fatty acids, popularly known as the fat burning process. Stimulates the metabolism and helps to remove fatty deposits and due to the effect of tissue drainage slenderizes and intoxicates. It also improves blood microcirculation in the tissues of the skin, increases its elasticity, gives the skin softness and elasticity.

500 ml
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