50% glycolic acid


For mature skin with discolouration, oily, sebaceous and acne-prone skin with black heads and papules, with acne scars.

This intensive 50% exfoliating preparation with pH 1.5 acts in many ways – stimulates regenerative processes in the dermis, supports skin renewal, exfoliated the horny layer and evens acne scars.
*After the treatment, your skin may be reddened for about 6-12 hours and you may feel sin tightness and short-term burning. The skin starts to exfoliate within a few days form the treatment.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

Glycolic acid - obtained from sugar cane. From among AHA acids, it is the most active because it has the simplest structure and the lowest molecular mass, so it easily and deeply penetrates the skin. It has strong peeling properties. What is more, it loosens the fibre bonds between keratinocytes, owing to that it reduces the surpass of the corneal layer of the epidermis.

30 ml
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