30% Azelaic acid


This delicate and also highly effective 30% exfoliating product with pH 2,25, provides antibacterial and anti-infammatory effects fighting blackheads. The product stimulates skin cell renewal processes, controls sebum production and exfoliates the skin delicately. The acid may be used for rosea treatment – it decreases the number of papules and pustules while reducing skin erythema. Effectively reduces pigmentation, discolouration of various origins.

Indications: for acne, atopic skin with hyperpigmentation, erythema, rosacea, psoriasis and prone to folliculitis.
Contraindications: allergy to any of the product ingredients.
How to use: apply the acid onto the cleansed and dry face. Avoid the eyes and mouth and nasal wings area. Leave on for 3-4 minutes, apply the neutralizing gel for 1-2 minutes, massage gently and rinse with cool water.

Only for professional use under the supervision of a cosmetologist or dermatologist.  

*Do not touch your skin surface with the dropper, as it may lead to product contamination.

Active ingredients
  • azelaic acid -  has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effects, reduces erythema in rosacea, brightens discolorations
30 ml
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