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produkt detaliczne

Crystalline salt from the Dead Sea

For all skin types.


Natural crystal salt from the Dead Sea is the essence of more than 40 minerals and trace elements. Ideally cleanses the skin of toxins and dead skin cells, improves microcirculation, elasticity, allowing fast reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite. It boosts skin’s moisture, oxygenates and relaxes, leaving your skin perfectly smooth and soft to the touch.


capacity: 500 g

Active ingredients:


Salt from the Dead Sea - has unique care and therapeutic properties. It is characterized by high content of magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine, iron and 40 minerals as well as trace elements necessary for the proper functioning of the organism. Soothes and firms skin, alleviates the symptoms of allergies, psoriasis, irritations, eczema, acne and dandruff. It speeds up the metabolism - stimulates cell reconstruction processes.