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Collagen mask with calcium, micro-collagen and elastin

For all mature skin types requiring quick lifting.


The mask contains microcollagen, elastin, calcium, hyaluronic acid and avocado extract. It smoothes micro wrinkles intensively and improves skin firmness. It leaves your skin flexible and radiant.


capacity: 200 ml
code: 50365

Active ingredients:


Micro-collagen - maintains high level of skin hydration, smoothers micro-wrinkles, firms and tightens.


Calcium - regenerates, soothes irritated skin, treating inflammatory conditions.


Elastin - improves skin elasticity and firmness, it exhibits excellent hydrating and smoothing properties and relieving processes of ageing.


Hyaluronic acid - a mucopolysaccharide binding elastin and collagenous fibres in the dermis, it is able to bind from one thousand to four thousand times more water than its mass and for this reason is used as one of the most valuable moisturising factors.