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For all skin typed, especially dry and dehydrated.


The odorless hyaluronic acid 4D is an innovative combination of four types of hyaluronan molecules of different sizes with different  properties. The molecules create a multidimensional net in the skin that interacts at different levels. The product strongly hydrates, collecting water from the outside, while maintaining water in the depths of the skin. 


capacity: 5 ml x 5 ampollus
code: 53575

Active ingredients:


Hyaluronic acid 4D -  is a combination of four types of hyaluronic acids with different effects that create a three-dimensional web, providing the effect of long-lasting hydration at various levels of the skin, both outer and deeper layers.


Macadamia oil - rich in vitamins A, B, E and minerals. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, absorbs quickly, visibly improves the look of the skin, regenerates and nourishes.