Refreshing footbath salt for sweaty feet with lemon grass, mint and Dead Sea Minerals


For each type of the skin of feet.

Refreshingly-nourishing salt with extracts of lemon grass, mint and minerals from the Dead Sea. Effectively reduces swelling, softens the skin, leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

Minerals from the Dead Sea - are characterized by an ability to penetrate deeply into pores of the skin and their cleansing, they stimulate cell metabolism, activate natural functions of the skin and boost its ability to remove toxic substances. They have soothing effect, strengthen the skin, revitalize, improve the functioning of under the skin circulation processes, so the skin is better oxygenated and revitalised.

Extract lemon grass - relaxes, smooths, cleans and refreshes.

Extract from mint - has antiseptic properties. It perfectly refreshes and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness.

650 g
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