Normalizing and hydrating booster


For oily, dehydrated and acne skin.

Care, relaxation and balance for your skin.
A multidirectional product that provides the perfect balance of hydration and lubrication, reduces inflammation and creates a film on the skin that protects it against moisture loss.
Incredibly light booster made from ingredients with only one purpose - to provide your skin with everything it needs to be healthy, beautiful and in great condition.
• Quince extract* has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects and additionally soothes your skin.
• Australian lemon myrtle extract restores the balance of sebum content while reducing the effect of shiny skin.
• The addition of 3% niacinamide reduces pores, while supporting the construction of the lipid barrier of your epidermis.
• The combination of oils (tamanu and almond) regenerates and improves the look of the skin, including its tension, hydration and nourishment.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

50 ml
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