Lime peeling for feet with volcanic lava


For each type of the skin of feet.

Gel peeling with volcanic lava effectively removes the corneous skin layer of the epidermis, moisturises and softens dry, chapped feet skin. Enriched with extract from lime, lemon grass and urea, it gives a feeling of maximum freshness and lightness every day. Prepare the skin to the usage of subsequent preparations.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

Volcanic lava - includes molten silicon oxide, iron, sodium, potassium, calcium. Lava through its mechanical action effectively removes dead skin cells, gives immediate smoothing effect.

Extract from lime - gently lightens discolorations, tones, refreshes and cleans.

Extract lemon grass - relaxes, smooths, cleans and refreshes.

Urea - deeply moisturises and prevents excessive moisture loss. It perfectly softens the calloused layer of the epidermis.

500 g
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