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Watermelon body scrub with volcanic lava

For all skin types


The unusual body scrub with exfoliating volcanic lava, watermelon and melon extracts with a captivating watermelon aroma. The product perfectly cleanses the skin of dead epidermis cells. Additionally, the contained urea stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis, moisturizes and softens. The scrub makes the skin perfectly smooth and refreshed with a healthy colour.


capacity: 200 ml

Active ingredients:


Volcanic lava - deeply cleans the skin from toxins and dead epidermis cells. The skin becomes more smooth and soft to the touch.


Watermelon - has nutritional and moisturise effects. It gives the skin softness, elasticity and radiance.


Melon extract - strongly moisturises, nourishes, tones making the skin soft and smooth.


Aloe extract - provides the skin with optimal hydration and elasticity, improves  circulation stimulating the cells, nourishes and has anti-bacterial effects. It is rich in vitamin A, B,C, E and minerals.


Mimosa extract - effectively slows the ageing process, has strong moisturising  and reinforcing capillaries of skin properties. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, visibly reduces redness and swellings.