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Softening honey and orange salt with Dead Sea Minerals

For dry skin with a tendency to chapping.


This preparation contains softening and smoothing extract from honey and extract from oranges as well as Dead Sea minerals  - micro and macro elements with high concentration of calcium, magnesium, iodine bromine, potassium, iron. Bath for feet with honey and orange aroma, perfectly smooths the chapped foot skin, intensively softens and moisturises and is helpful for further purification treatment - pedicure.


capacity: 650 g
code: 51045

Active ingredients:


Extract from honey - has nutritional, energizing properties as well as soothes and accelerates healing effects of epidermis. It maintains proper level of skin hydration, reinforces its elasticity, softens and smooths the skin, improves the skin look. It is also a real balm for rough and chapped skin.


Orange extract - is rich in vitamins A, C, P. It helps to exfoliate dead surface cells, refreshes and protects against ageing.


Minerals from the Dead Sea - are characterized by an ability to penetrate deeply into pores of the skin and their cleansing, they stimulate cell metabolism, activate natural functions of the skin and boost its ability to remove toxic substances. They have soothing effect, strengthen the skin, revitalize, improve the functioning of under the skin circulation processes, so the skin is better oxygenated and revitalised.