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Perfectly smoothing algae mask with peptides and polysaccharides

For mature skin struggling with the consequences of ageing.


Multifunctional mask with Gladback™ complex is rich in polysaccharides and peptides. Reduces the most visible signs of ageing. Increases the thickness of the skin, its radiance and microcirculation.


capacity: 250 g
code: 52315

Active ingredients:


Complex Gladback™ - is rich in polysaccharides, a complex obtained from the Poria Cocos mushrooms. Mitigates the effects of ageing and menopause on the skin of mature women, improving its appearance. Reduces the most visible signs of the impact of these processes on the skin increases the thickness of the skin and microcirculation, concurrently reduces the visibility of wrinkles. Gladback™ complex makes the skin becomes younger, radiant and attractive.


Peptides - penetrate deeply into the skin and stimulates production of collagen which is responsible for tightness and smoothness of the skin, as a result they visibly reduce wrinkles.


Alginate - 100% extract from brown algae, rich in easily digestible alginates, polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, iodine compounds, silicon, calcium, magnesium and microelements. Firms, deeply moisturises, reduces skin redness and irritations.