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Home terApis Oxygenating mousse with active oxygen

For greyish, tired, lacking the bright and energy skin after 30 years of age.


Deeply oxygenating mouse - fine-textured, frothy cream. It contains active oxygen which increases rapid access of oxygen to the skin, improving the level of cellular energy necessary for proper metabolic changes. A combination of minerals (copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium) and coenzyme Q10 improves respiration of cellular cells. In combination with hyaluronic acid, extract from ginseng, oil from baobab and macadamia nuts, it has anti-ageing and revitalizing properties. Thanks to high effectiveness of selectively chosen components skin is naturally beautiful - fresh, shine and full of vitality. It is intended to continue care at home after the treatment.


capacity: 50 ml
code: 53165

Active ingredients:


Active oxygen - by providing intensive supply of oxygen, helps the skin to increase its self-regulatory mechanisms and cope better with adverse impacts of the environment. It gives the skin softness, minimizes the tendency of the skin to irritations or sensitivity.


Sepitonic M3 - is an inhibitor of free radicals formation, preventing the accumulation of cellular toxins. After detoxification a cell retains its defensive potential. Increases the immediate availability of oxygen and thus improves oxygenation of skin cells, enhances metabolism and speeds up the regeneration of cells. It smooths the skin, visibly shallows existing wrinkles and inhibits the formation of new ones. In addition, it protects your skin against free radicals and the glycation process - factors accelerating the ageing process.


Coenzyme Q10 - rejuvenates the skin, causes a loss of minor wrinkles, increases flexibility, and tightness the skin.


Hyaluronic acid - a mucopolysaccharide binding elastin and collagenous fibres in the dermis, it is able to bind from one thousand to four thousand times more water than its mass and for this reason is used as one of the most valuable moisturising factors.


Extract from the ginseng - has firming effect, strengthens the structure of the skin, stimulates the renewal of the epidermis.


Oil from baobab - contains similar content of saturated fatty acids, mainly palmitic (33%), monounsaturated omega-9 (36%) and polyunsaturated, mainly omega-6 (31%). Saturated fatty acids the longest remain on the skin, they act protectively, they soften the skin, accelerate healing small wounds and better than other fatty acids protect against transepidermal water loss. NNKT omega-9 shows a high compliance with sebum and fills the protective lipid layer. NNKT omega-6 is a component of intercellular cement, accelerates cellular renewal and regulates sebaceous glands. Oil from baobab also contains vitamin A, E, D and NNKT omega-3 with strong anti-inflammatory effects.


Macadamia oil - is extracted from the nuts of the macadamia tree (Macadamia ternifolia). It slows down the ageing process of the skin, protecting it against the effects of free radicals. It has perfect softening and smoothing effects.