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produkt detaliczne


Detoxifying face serum with carbon bamboo and ionized silver

For oily and mixed skin with dilated pores and other imperfections.


The serum with light satin consistence uses remarkable power and innovative formula rich in active bamboo carbon, ionized silver, Affipore™ and Hydromanil™ complex, an extract of bamboo, rockrose, kiwi, iris and neem oil. It absorbs toxins effectively, removing all day’s contamination from your skin surface. It moisturizes your skin intensely without undesired shining effects, toning it and regulating sebum production. It removes any imperfections and makes your skin regain its ideal appearance. The serum ensures long-lasting effects of clear and matt skin without pore clogging and is an ideal base for make-up.


capacity: 100 ml
code: 53255

Active ingredients:


Hydromanil complex – an extract of Peruvian Tara plant with instantly moisturizing and long-term moisturizing properties.


An extract of kiwi - a rich source of C vitamin acting against free radicals, firming, regenerating and smoothing your skin. It stimulates generation of collagen fibres.


An extract of green tea - provides bacteriostatic, cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects.