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Mist with ecological olive twig water with olive extract

For each type of skin.


Fine mist contains organic water certified with Ecocert® label and olives extract. It instantly helps mature, damaged skin.


capacity: 150 mlcccc
code: 52395

Active ingredients:


Water from twigs of olive - olive twigs are the source of polyphenolic and tannin compounds. Oleuropeins are typical flavonoids contained in olive oil, they have documented anti-oxidative and photo-protection properties, especially in the case of skin exposed to UVB rays. Antiradical effect of preparations prepared from olive tree is very strong because of the synergy of phenols, flavonoids and oleuropein that occur in this plant.


Extract from olives - has outstanding regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, moreover, it moisturises and soothes. Contains strong antioxidants, it naturally protects skin against harmful effects of free radicals.