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Dermostimulating cream with Tibetan Goji Berries

For mature skin that is devoid of energy, delicate.


Cream with ecological extract from Tibetan goji fruit, lotus and cryo-extract from Arctic wild berries. It reactivates vital functions of skin and strengthens its natural protective mechanisms. Effectively delays ageing process.


capacity: 100 ml
code: 51895

Active ingredients:


Goji extract - contains a significant amount of polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamins, therefore it is considered to be an energizing and stimulating component because it provides the cells with fresh energy necessary to carry out metabolic processes. Owing to that, the cells can carry out their functions more easily and consequently all skin looks healthier and prettier.


Cryoextract of arctic wild berries extract - obtained with the use of cryoextraction from fruit picked up in Lapland: arctic raspberry, cloudberry and lingonberry. It shows particular detoxifying effects, delays aging processes, making the skin flexible, fresh and radiant.


Lotus extract - cares for your skin, protecting it against negative environmental effects and neutralises free radicals.


Avocado extract - nourishes and strengthens the skin.


Ceramides - provide moisturizing, protective and firming effects.


Mimosa extract - delays skin ageing processes effectively and shows strong moisturizing effects and strengthens capillaries. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics, decreasing reddening and swelling of the skin.