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Enlightening algae mask with pearl, golden algae and caviar

For mature skin requiring brightening and firming.


Luxurious mask is the combination of natural sea pearls - extracts from sea pearls, golden algae and caviar. Intensively and effectively strengthens the structure of skin, rejuvenates, nourishes and firms. Instantly, the skin regains its full brilliance and youthful appearance.


capacity: 250 g
code: 52075

Active ingredients:


Extract from sea pearls - is obtained from Pteria martensii; prevents ageing, tones and improves skin hydration. Reduces activation of tyrosine and free radicals. Stimulates the production of collagen and intercellular lipids as well as protects against the synthesis of enzymes responsible for the degradation of the elastic fibres. Pearls have gently exfoliating properties and in that regenerate,  leaving the skin smooth and radiant.


Extract from golden algae - is rich in nutrients, slows down the ageing process and reduces the reactivity of skin to external factors.


Extract from caviar - due to the presence of vitamins and minerals restores the natural balance of the skin. Minerals from sea salt, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, constituting components of caviar, in a natural way restore the vitality of skin and improve its appearance.


Alginate - 100% extract from brown algae, rich in easily digestible alginates, polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, iodine compounds, silicon, calcium, magnesium and microelements. Firms, deeply moisturises, reduces skin redness and irritations.