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Chocolate body butter for massage MASSAGE WITH BAOBAB OIL AND CHILI

For skin covered in cellulite and excess adipose tissue (except for sensitive skin, skin with broken capillaries, with a tendency to varicose veins).


Oiling formula of the preparation with the oil of baobab, argan oil, shea butter and the chilli extract, intensively improves blood circulation and stimulates burning of fat and reduction of cellulite.


capacity: 500 ml
code: 50935

Active ingredients:


Oil from baobab - is very rich in vitamin A, C, E, F and essential unsaturated fatty acids. It has strong anti-inflammatory, moisturising, nutritional properties, facilitates epidermal regeneration, adds shine to the skin and increases its elasticity.


Argan oil - youth elixir with powerful regenerative effects, helps minimise the appearance of wrinkles, alleviates symptoms of acne, allergies and psoriasis.


Shea butter - has exceptional nutritional and regenerative properties and protects against UV radiation.


Extract from chilli - stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism, advantageously affects the speed of degradation of fat cells and accelerates the removal of accumulated toxins.