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Coffee heaven

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Detoxifying coffee scrub with freeze-dried orange

For all skin types, recommended for cellulite-covered skin.


Phenomenal sugar scrub with a captivating coffee and orange aroma is a perfect combination for smoothness, deep cleansing, detox and hydration of the skin. Thanks to a high quality Arabica coffee, bamboo charcoal, freeze-dried oranges, almond oil and macadamia oil the skin becomes firm and velvety smooth. The scrub is recommended for anti-cellulite treatment.
*Freeze-dried oranges retain all the nutrients and fresh fruit aroma.


capacity: 300 g
code: 53515

Active ingredients:

Mandelic oil – obtained from pressing of mandelic tree seeds. It contains proteins, mineral salts and A, E and D vitamins as well as B group vitamins. A and E vitamins fall within “vitamins of youth” and have positive effects upon firmness and flexibility of your skin, delaying ageing processes. D vitamin protects your skin against negative environmental factors and B group vitamins prevent skin cells from dehydration. Mandelic oil also contains large quantities of linoleic and oleic acid that soften the epidermis and strengthen the lipid barrier of your skin.